Daphne Planting & Care

Daphne Planting and Care

Daphne prefer partial to full sun. Consider this when selecting the perfect place for planting and space plants 3’ to 5’ apart.

Be sure to provide organically rich, moist, very well-drained soil and amend with aged cow manure in sandy/loamy soil conditions.

Daphne prefers a permanent location so avoid transplanting or transplant gently only if necessary.

Shelter your Daphne from harsh, hot summer sun to avoid leaf burn. Mulch with mint compost to keep roots cool and conserve moisture in warm temperatures.

Water deeply on a regular basis during the first few growing seasons to establish a strong root system.

Fertilize in early spring with Founders Fish Fertilizer.

For a formal appearance, prune after flowering. Prune to 12” in fall, after your first frost.