Adding Roses to Your Garden

By Paul Zimmerman

Garden Roses are a wonderful addition to any garden. From antique to modern varieties, their range of color, shape and growth habit make them some of the most versatile plants we have. Yet, their diversity means the gardener needs to do a little planning when choosing varieties.

Consider what is the rose's "job" in the garden. Is to be a mass of color at the front of a border, is it to provide some privacy via a hedge, is it to climb along a picket fence or cover a small shed? All of those uses call for plants of different sizes and since you can't make a short rose tall and tall roses don't like to be kept short, it's important to first look at the plant's size and growth habit. Make sure it fits the "job description" you have for it in your garden.

Then, consider location. Roses like full sun all day. You can get by with morning sun and some afternoon shade, especially with shade-tolerant roses, but no rose will thrive in morning shade. They simply don't like it.

So before you get seduced by those beautiful blooms, think size, shape and sun!

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