Meet the New Owners!

Meet The New Owners

A Letter from Ben Hanna

Growing up, I spent endless days working in the yard with my parents on our small farm in Sherwood, OR-pulling weeds, pruning trees and taking care of our cows. It all seemed like a lot of hard work, and at times, not a lot of fun. I don't know when it happened, but at some point this hard work turned into something enjoyable and developed into a passion I am blessed to share with my wife and family today.

I suppose my love for gardening stems from roots that were deeply planted in my family before I was born. My grandfather had a passion for roses, and they filled his yard. My mom also had a yard full of roses; the sweet smell of Medallion filled the air near the front door of our home. Today, my wife, Kara, and I continue to love gardening. A perfect day for us is a day spent working in our yard or greenhouse.

Prior to purchasing Heirloom Roses, I spent 11 years at an electronics company, overseeing manufacturing and business development. Both of these experiences required extensive travel and time away from home. With five young children at home, I needed to not only make a career change but a lifestyle change. As the new owners of Heirloom Roses, we are very blessed to have my professional experience and my passion for gardening meld together. We are also fortunate to have our children spend time with us at the nursery to pass on a legacy of loving plants, especially roses!

I have heard from many people that they love plants, but they are scared to start with roses because "roses are hard work and fussy." I hope we can dispel that myth over time-building off the Heirloom Roses tradition of growing high quality plants that are hardy, healthy and easy to grow and maintain.

As we start a new season at Heirloom Roses, we are committed to preserving the roots of Heirloom Roses. We are committed to serving our customers and listening to their needs. We are committed to providing the largest variety of quality, own-root roses. We are committed and excited to share the legacy of Heirloom Roses with many generations of rose growers and reach out to people who have yet to experience the joy and passion of growing roses.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with more of our Heirloom Roses' community members.

Ben Hanna