Saturday Series Hot Summer Gardening Trends


Many times in the excitement of getting a beautiful rose we rush to plant because we want to see it bloom. However, we often forget that in order to maximize the effect of the beautiful rose more careful planning is required. A well planned rose garden makes it easier to care for the roses and enjoy them.

Over the years, we’ve noticed a few hot trends which take a rose garden to the next level. First, these gardens use color. Lots of color! Often the colors used are either coordinating or contrasting. Coordinating colors blend the garden together for a seamless effect, while the use of contrasting colors creates a dramatic effect, leaving a lasting impression. Roses in these gardens are also planted in large groups or clusters. This style emphasizes the color of the roses and makes spaces look bigger than they really are. Another way these gardens maximize their space and create visual interest is by planting climbers. This height adds drama and creates a spectacular display. Finally, these gardens use fragrance to their advantage. Rose gardens full of fragrant roses create an atmosphere of peace and beauty, adding to the overall experience for all who enjoy the garden. Following these general rules when designing your rose garden will ensure your garden is a pleasure to work and play in and will leave a lasting impression on all who enter.