Saturday Series, The Spirit if Giving and Growing


December 19, 2015

Greetings to our fellow rose lovers,

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

During this season of giving, we are reminded of the importance of our roots.

Our beloved friend and co-founder of Heirloom Roses, Louise Clements, shares this story with us, about her favorite rose, Rosa Mundi. “I have always loved Rosa Mundi because of the many unique stories tied up in this Old Garden Rose’s history. This rose is a once bloomer with beautiful strawberry pink and white stripes, and it’s fragrance is delightful. The classic beauty makes it a natural favorite for any rose connoisseur, but I love it for a different reason.” One year Rosa Mundi performed one of those small miracles which are sometimes given to us when we most need to hope. In the fall, Louise was surprised and delighted to find one small yet elegant bloom gracing a stem of Rosa Mundi. “This simple display of beauty brought such joy into my life, and I was reminded of the real reason we grow roses: To give the gift of beauty to the world. For me, the rose is such a symbol of love, and a reminder of the hope which blossoms even in the darkest times. It has always been a privilege to take care of roses and share them.”

This Christmas season, as we contemplate the spirit of giving, we here at Heirloom Roses, are reminded once again of the purpose behind our work and the reward which comes from the simple act of cultivating and tending to those plants which are able to bring such joy into the lives of our family and friends. Roses have the power to connect us to the memories in our past, the beauty in our present, and the hope of our future.

Like Louise, we too desire to give the gift of beauty to the world this coming year.

Blessings from the Hanna family and our team at Heirloom Roses.