May Flowers

We have spotted a few roses here and there in the garden, makes you want to go out each morning when you arrive to see who is showing color. If the weather gets to be as good as predicted we should have color and fragrance in a short time. Groups and clubs are calling to schedule tours and reserve a picnic table, so the next few months are filling up with activity fast. The office and shipping department have been busy trying to get all the orders out so the roses can get settled in their new home. Plans are being made for June Days, speakers are getting lined up as well as music to be enjoyed. Stop by to sample some chocolate and cheese while you enjoy a taste of wine from a local winery and if you need a special plant for an area N & M nursery will be here. So... if you are in the area stop by June 20 or 21 for a great time.

The trip to Ashland was great. Roses were sold, but more important we met a lot of nice people. It was rainy and cold but it sure didn't stop the gardeners from coming out to pick up some great plants, have to say a few found their way into the truck for the trip home.

Aphids seem to have shown up in the garden. If they seem to appear in a short time it is because they reproduce very rapidly. If you see one today there will be generations of them in a week. The best course of action is to squish them with your fingers. Or you can put a capful of dishwashing soap in an old spray bottle with a couple drops of cooking oil. Shake it up and spray, you can then was them off with cold water. Aphids will invite predators to the garden, Lady Bugs being the most popular. If you don't see them you can always purchase a few at your local nursery. They will stay in the garden as long as the aphids are present. Then they will move on.