Fall Is Here!

Winding down another season is always bitter sweet. We know the end is almost here when we have the yearly ½ off sale at the nursery in August. We hope you took advantage of the great prices and selection offered. The once bloomers are done blooming for another year, they certainly put on a show. If you don't have a few in your garden you should consider adding one or two, the fragrance and bloom are fantastic if just for a short time. Now is also the time to prune them back 1/3 so that they are ready for a great next year.

The garden is still in bloom, even with the crazy weather we have been experiencing. So if you are in the area grab a bottle of wine from one of the great wineries in the area and visit the garden, it is open from dawn to dusk. Deadheading is continuing as we all look forward to the last fall blooms before the roses go to sleep, awaiting another great season next spring.

Work is underway on the new catalog. Which roses to offer both new and old are being considered. The plan is to have it out soon so selections can be made for gardens next year. Many comment that they spend hours during the winter months contemplating next years purchases or just dreaming of gardens in full bloom.

On September 14, 2009 the world lost a great miniature rose breeder Ralph Moore. He brought us such roses as Beauty Secret, Judy Fischer, Lavender Lace, Toy Clown, Magic Carrousel, Red Cascade, Cal Poly, Ring of Fire just to name a few of his award winning roses. Ralph Moore was the founder of Sequoia Nursery in Visalia and just about every miniature rose on the market is a hybrid stemming from roses he registered. He died at the age of 102 and will be greatly missed by all who grow roses.

Happy Gardening!