Shade-Tolerant Roses

Nearly all roses perform best in full sun of more than six hours per day, which allows them to bloom the most efficiently and resist diseases. However, there are a number of roses closely related to the Species roses that can tolerate partial shade. In the wild, these roses grew native in thickets and forest habitats. Once-blooming varieties also require less light.

Shade-tolerant roses still need at least four hours of sunlight per day, but will retain their fragrance and color longer. So don’t discount that dappled light area of your garden just yet. It still might just work!

If you have a spot like this in your garden, we recommend these tips for success:

  • Select a prolific bloomer like a Floribunda or Spray rose and not a Hybrid Tea rose.
  • Choose a pale or pastel bloom that will shine in a shady area.
  • Be sure to provide adequate water and good draining soil.
  • Apply sufficient fertilizer.
  • Pruning is your friend. Shaded roses tend to grow taller so be on top of proper pruning practices.
  • Do not plant near tree trunks to avoid root competition.


We have over 100 roses that can tolerate partial shade, so you may wish to consider these roses for your partially shaded areas of your garden.