Growing Shade-Tolerant Roses

Most gardeners are familiar with the fact that roses need sunlight in order to thrive. For most varieties, 6-8 hours of direct sunlight is usually recommended. However, what's less known is that there are roses that are actually capable of thriving with less sunlight.

These "shade-tolerant" roses only require 4 hours of direct sunlight per day to thrive as opposed to 6+ hours. While these roses can handle more direct sunlight, they are a great option for garden spaces that are hindered by tree cover or other hindrances that prevent the usual amount of sunlight. If you have an area like this in mind, don't discount that dappled light area of your garden just yet. It still might just work!

Tips For Growing Shade-Tolerant Varieties

If you have a spot like this in your garden, we recommend these tips for success:

  • Select a prolific bloomer like a Floribunda or Spray rose and not a Hybrid Tea rose.
  • Choose a pale or pastel bloom that will shine in a shady area.
  • Be sure to provide adequate water and good draining soil.
  • Apply sufficient fertilizer.
  • Pruning is your friend. Shaded roses tend to grow taller so be on top of proper pruning practices.
  • Do not plant near tree trunks to avoid root competition.

  • Recommended Shade-Tolerant Roses

    Curious what shade-tolerant roses to buy? We have over 100+ roses that can tolerate partial shade, however, we'd like to highlight some shade-tolerant superstars that make a great addition to any garden.

    One of the shade-tolerant roses we always recommend to our customers is Westerland™. She is a magnificent, large, well-formed rose with 5" blooms of 20-25 petals in apricot and copper-orange. Flowers are produced on a bushy, vigorous, upright continual blooming plant with bronze-green foliage. Westerland can also be trained as a Climber if preferred in zones 5-10. Did we mention it's a magnificent rose for cutting, pollinator-friendly, and a rose with hips as well?

    Another great, highly recommended, shade-tolerant variety is Iceberg®. Iceberg is one of the finest roses ever developed with large, double, 3” blooms with up to 24 petals. Her pure white flowers are borne in absolute abandon on a strong-growing bush with shiny mid-green foliage.

    Shade-Tolerant Roses

    To see our full list of recommended shade-tolerant roses, visit this collection!