Agastache: The Heat-Loving Perennial

Agastache is a surprisingly hardy, heat-tolerant perennial that nearly thrives on neglect. A member of the mint family, this plant is commonly known as Hyssop and has a delightful licorice scent when brushed against or crushed. Agastache will produce dense clusters of blooms that draw pollinators into the garden all season long, but are generally deer resistant. We love that she brings hummingbirds to the garden too!

An Agastache for Every Garden

As a very versatile and hardy plant, Agastache blends in well to almost any garden. Have a rocky area with succulents? Plant some Agastache. Have a sloped area in your yard? Agastache and Lavender work well together in hard-to-plant areas. Neglected curbside? Agastache would love to grow there. Rose garden? Agastache won’t take up much water or space but will offer tall blooms in a variety of colors. Working with a patio or porch or prefer container gardening? Agastache loves pots! You can even plant it with Yarrow, Echinacea, and Rudbeckia for a wild and free garden. She’s not a fussy plant and just happy to be invited to the garden party!

Planting and Care

To plant Agastache, dig a hole slightly larger than the pot, loosen the roots if they are bound tight, then gently insert the plant and pack the dirt back around it, pressing down to release any air. Water thoroughly. 

Agastache generally does not require fertilizer, but a little compost top dressing would be welcomed once a year in spring. Like most perennials, Agastache benefits from deadheading or she will self-seed and spread. Clip off dead or dry leaves and spent blooms often to encourage new growth and let her soak up all the energy she can from the sun during the growing season. In fall, when you do a gentle prune on your roses, go ahead and prune the Agastache back to about half her height to prevent wind damage. 

Divide Agastache every 3-5 years to revive old plants and multiply the plants in your garden. 

Three favorites for us this season are:  Kudos Coral, Tango, and Purple Haze.