Lily: Sun-Loving Summer Blooms

Lily kicks off spring with beautiful, Easter blooms. Thanks to several different varieties within the genus, different lilies will bloom straight through the heat of the summer months. Available in a wide array of colors, Lily opens to reveal pollinator-favored stamens and a delightful fragrance. This is a great choice for gardeners in zones 5-8. 

Sun, Shade, and Well Draining Soil

Lily loves to receive a minimum of six hours of sunlight each day but likes its roots to stay deep in cooler, shady areas. It loves to be planted amongst grasses or other low-growing plants so it can enjoy the benefits of cooler soil temperatures and not compete for the warmth of the sun. Grown from bulbs, Lily doesn’t like to sit in wet soil as it increases the risk of bulbs rotting. 

Planting and Care

When planting Lily, choose a location that has full sun. If planting from bulbs, plant them in groups of 5-7 to create a clumping growth of lilies for a stunning visual effect. To keep the bulb and roots cool, plant Lily at least 8” below the soil line and up to 12” below the soil line for warmer climates. Lily is a good choice for raised beds or pots for pH level control and to keep ground pests such as voles at bay. Keep in mind that Lily in pots will need some insulation to prevent freezing in colder months.

To plant Lily from a nursery pot, dig a hole slightly wider than the pot and insert the Lily into the hole packing the soil around the plant. Water thoroughly. Only water again if weekly rainfall is less than 1” per week as Lily prefers to have dry feet. 

This perennial makes an excellent cut flower. Cut back to ⅓ of the stem to bring indoors and enjoy. 

Deadhead spent blooms to prevent the plant from focusing its energy on seed production. Do not remove the foliage until it has yellowed and withered. Then cut the plant back to the ground.

Lily can be divided in the fall for fully established plants. Dig up the Lily and separate the new growth from the established plant. Replant as usual and enjoy even more blooms next season.

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