Beneficial Insects For Your Home Garden

We have created the first, affordable beneficial insect program for the home garden in an easy-to-use subscription service.  

Enjoy the ease and beauty of a pest-free garden without the use of chemicals that harm the environment and can be hazardous to your health.  Protect your garden the natural way, with nature’s own tiny guardians delivered to your door each month of the growing season, right when you need them most. 


Why Heirloom Guardians of the Garden?

Guardians of the Garden subscription service is a game-changer for home gardeners, providing a curated selection of 4 different types of beneficial insects tailored to your garden's needs each month during the growing season. These beneficial insects will work in harmony with your plants and other pollinators to decrease pests such as thrips, aphids, and spider mites while also reducing the need for chemicals.

- Reduce or eliminate your garden's dependency on harmful chemicals

- Beneficial insects are safe for plants, pets, and children

- Target pests but are safe for bees and other pollinators

- Work in harmony with nature to create a healthy and thriving garden