Heirloom Roses is a fast-growing, family-owned company, investing in the growth of our roses and our employees. We are looking for talented employees to join our team and to help us fulfill our purpose of “making the world beautiful, one rose at a time.” If you enjoy working with beauty, valuing people and helping them succeed, and working on a collaborative team in a fun and casual environment, then Heirloom Roses is the perfect place for you. Our beautiful nursery is located in the fertile Willamette Valley in St. Paul, Oregon, still on the same land where the business started decades ago.

Our offices are even located in the original farmhouse on the acreage. We grow all of our own-root roses and ship them all over the United States to their new homes in our customer’s gardens. We may be casual in our dress - it is a nursery after all - but we are professional and thoughtful in our work ethic, commitment, and care for our plants, customers, and employees.