Planting Instructions

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing own-root roses from Heirloom Roses! To ensure your roses grow healthy and beautifully, please follow our planting instructions.

Improper planting may not establish your rose correctly and may void any potential warranty claims.

If you live in a hot climate, be sure to gradually acclimate your rose to your environment or add shade until adjusted. Click here for more information on rose growing and care

We guarantee that our roses are healthy, grown on their own roots, and true to variety. We are so confident in our roses that we warranty them for one year from the date received. Click here to view the full conditions of our guarantee.


Click here to download and print your copy of Heirloom Roses Planting Instructions.



  • Find a spot with at least 6 hours of sun per day and good drainage.
  • Be sure your location is at least 3-4 feet away from other plants. Large shrubs or ramblers need about 6-8 feet of space.


  • Remove rose from container. Use soil mix from step 2 to plant rose in the center of the hole about 1” deeper that the soil line in the pot. DO NOT use granular fertilizer the first year as it may burn the roots and kill the rose
  • If planting in a pot, be sure your selected rose is suitable for it first.


  • Dig a hole that is at least 24” wide and 24” deep.
  • Remove the soil from the hole and mix with organic potting soil that DOES NOT contain granular fertilizer. Amend with peat moss, Heirloom Roses Aged Cow Manure and bone meal per package instructions.


  • Roses love water, but hate wet feet. Give them at least 1”-2” or the depth of a tuna can of water per week throughout the growing season.
  • Newly planted roses should be watered 2-3 times per week until established. Water at the base, not overhead to discourage potential disease.


Click here to download and print your copy of Heirloom Roses Planting Instructions.