100% Natural Mint Compost
Mint Compost
100% Natural Mint Compost

100% Natural Mint Compost

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Mint Compost is exceptional at providing moisture retention in sandy, dry soils, while also rich in natural humus to help break up hard clay soils. Mint Compost may also be used as a mulch top dressing around shrubs and in other garden areas. When applied to roses, Mint Compost is a natural agent that helps to repel aphids, spider mites, and other damaging insects. Spread the compost evenly. We suggest mixing one 1.5 quart bag per plant in the topsoil or using as a top dressing around the plant. The 7 quart box is enough for five roses, or as using as a top dressing in containers or around the plant. The 26 quart box is enough for 20 roses or using as a top dressing in your garden. We recommend reapplying this product every 6 months. 

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100% Natural Mint Compost

1.5 Quart Bag
1.5 Quart Bag
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26 Quart Box
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Customer Reviews

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T Viola
Couldn't imagine it could make that much of a difference!

I'm not one for usually trying all things new, but I have to say when it comes to my roses.... I will! When I started using the mint compost, my roses just exploded. Even my new own root roses went wild. Within six weeks, the plants looked better than my older 2 year old bushes. I'm using this regularly and I can't say enough about it! Try just a small bag and you will be hooked!!!

Excellent Mint compost!

Indeed this is a great addition for my roses, providing nutrients and improving soil structure. Now my plants looks more healthy then last year. This will be added in my yearly bucket list.

Great mulch

Very clean finished look. Great benefits with the nutrients the plant receives. I had one new rose struggling and with the help of HR was directed in adding more of this mulch. It did the trick. Exactly what the rose needed.

Amy Siegfried
Really love it but it does not go as far as described

No discernible mint smell but not worried. Followed directions and had enough in the box for 7 roses not 20 as stated on the box. Now waiting on results..

Excellent mulch

This mulch is amazing for my roses and other flowering perennials. I have been at war with the local deer population and either the deer have been satiated with some other local salad spot or the mint mulch scent deters them. Earwigs seem to detest mint as well. Where I live for some reason I am absolutely inundated with earwigs that damage flower buds and petals. If I hear one more person tell me that earwigs are good for gardens I might just dress like an earwig and run screaming through the streets. Anyways, this is good stuff. Have not found anything comparable nearby. I endorse.

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