Bright Fire
Bright Fire
Bright Fire

Bright Fire

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Bright Fire produces urn-shaped, high pointed buds opening to 5-6" flowers of bright orange-vermillion on a vigorous, continual blooming Climbing Rose. Her large, dark green, leathery foliage creates a drastic background for her vibrant blossoms that average 4.5” wide. Expect Bright Fire to light up the garden as she climbs upwards of 10’ tall.

More Information

Rose Type Climbing Roses
Alternate Name(s) Brightfire
Bloom Types Very Full
Color Orange
Specific Color Fiery orange red
Fragrance Lightly Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°), 10 (30° to 40°)
Rebloom Continual Blooming
Year 1997
Approximate Size 10' - 11'+ x 6'

Bright Fire

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Customer Reviews

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Prettiest rose ever

After 3 years and kids breaking them, I have a beautiful flowering bush. They always flowered but take a look now. I planted 2 at the same time. One is smaller. I think light and water is the difference . Just take a look!

Lorelei G.
Not so happy in the PNW

We live in WA 1-1/2 hrs from the Canadian border. We have a pretty moderate (much less rain than Seattle) (and little snow) climate. Bright Fire has had perhaps 10 blooms *total* in 3 years, and the rose is definitely beset with mildew. The blooms are something gorgeous; the plant health much less so.

Christine H.
Many blooms, climbs quickly

Grew somewhere between 9-11ft within the first year it was planted -- has many, many large fragrant blooms -- color is true to the photos (bright fiery orange). I'm in zone 6b (Boston area) -- survived the winter (was wrapped). Would definitely recommend -- stunning

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