Carefree Wonder
Carefree Wonder
Carefree Wonder
Carefree Wonder
Carefree Wonder
Carefree Wonder

Carefree Wonder™

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  • Pots
  • Partial Shade
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EASY TO GROW! Carefree Wonder is an easy-to-grow rose that produces semi-double, cupped blooms in soft, china-pink with a creamy white reverse coloring. She is a disease-resistant, compact bush that blooms profusely and was an American Award Winner in 1991.

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Rose Type Landscape
Alternate Name(s) Carefully Wonder, Dynastie
Bloom Types Cupped, Semi-Double
Breeder Code MEIpetac
Characteristic(s) Pots, Partial Shade, Pollinator Friendly
Color Pink
Specific Color Pink/Creamy White Reverse
Fragrance Lightly Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 4 (-30° to -20°), 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°)
Rebloom Continual Blooming
Year 1990
Approximate Size 3' - 4' x 2' - 3'

Carefree Wonder™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Incredible Blooms

I live in zone 5b and planted 6 of these about two years ago. One did not survive the winter, but I replaced it last fall with a new one. These roses are beautiful. They are loaded with blooms in spring and continue to bloom from late May to October each year, even when they were very small. I do have some die off on the ends each winter, but after a good early spring pruning they fill in and look amazing again. I am very happy with these, as I tend to have difficulty keeping roses alive over these past few years due to drought, but the Carefree Wonder Roses came through without difficulty.

Alfred Marasse
Indoors now

Came quickly. Appeared dormant. Brought it inside and now under led grow lights at abt 2500 foot candles at 66-76 degrees and 55% humidity. Growing like a monster in only two weeks. You have got to see it. Healthy and no disease. Will plant outside in the spring.

Love the colors, and this rose!

This past summer saw horrible flooding in Vermont, our fields were completely saturated. Early summer I planted this rose along a fence line and almost under a tree. After a couple of weeks settling in, there were always 2,3,4 blooms! It's sturdy, healthy and I have great hope my Heirloom roses will survive our windswept 4b weather.

Healthy, happy, beautiful rose

Not even a month after I received the bare plant and it has filled out beautifully! Two blooms opened today, and there are half a dozen more on their way! This is despite being munched by some nasty little sawfly larvae that I cleared from the undersides of a few leaves last week. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase.

Barb K NV
What a Happy Charmer!

We planted her under our Ponderosa pine in our rock garden. We didn't expect much, as it was late in our summer season, and she was in partial shade. This lithe little beauty has hugged her wall of rocks, and amazingly produced a couple of small and delicate-looking, little rich pink blossoms in a couple of weeks. What a delight! I must also add, that little bundle of pink joy, has a wonderful fragrance too! She gladden my eyes when I spotted her lovely little pink blooms, under the massive green canopy of the pine! Delightful! More than I expected.
Zone 7 High Desert

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