Founders Fish Fertilizer
Founders Fish Fertilizer
Founders Fish Fertilizer

Founders Fish Fertilizer

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This bottle of fertilizer is stinky, but that's what makes it the best choice for your plants. Processed in the Pacific Northwest, it is derived from acidulated fish solubles stabilized with phosphoric acid and contains a variety of species of fish for greater mineralization. The organic matter of the decomposed fish feeds mycorrhizae, building healthy bacteria throughout the soil to promote robust plant with no phytotoxic effects or root burn. This enables the plant to readily receive key nutrients. To use as a soil application, mix 4 oz. of fertilizer per gallon of water to create solution. One gallon of solution is enough for 2-3 roses.

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Founders Fish Fertilizer

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Customer Reviews

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I want to say my roses that I have gotten from you are all beautiful. I tell everyone that I know that’s looking for Roses to buy them from you guys because you know what you’re doing and they’re beautiful and they say beautiful for years they don’t die off or go back to a mother Bush that’s ugly is Sinc soI definitely am a customer to you guys since roses are my very favorite flower I hope to buy more in the future

My roses from Heirloom, slow to grow, Fish Fertilizer does help

My second year own root roses from Heirloom have been creeping. The stems are still spindly. Still no bloom from my Eden, but as advised, I'm being patient. My Abraham Darby had one bloom so far. Heirloom's customer service is excellent! The Owner's Fish Fertilizer is indeed stinky, but I am seeing some growth. The neighborhood cats have high expectations from the aroma, only to be disappointed! Waiting for my first bud and bloom on Eden in its second year. New shipment of roses from Heirloom expected tomorrow!

Amazing Product

I live in the Salt Lake Valley. I’ve grown roses—lots of them—for many years, buying them at local garden centers and using the typical fertilizers I buy at Lowe’s etc. A couple of years ago I decided to buy own-root roses, and then last year I decided to try this fish fertilizer. Oh my gosh? Where has this fertilizer been all my life. Not only are recent rose purchases blooming enthusiastically, but about 4 rose bushes that I had for year have suddenly bloomed! None of those roses had ever bloomed before and I’d just never gotten around to digging them up and discarding them. I’d had a couple of those tose bushes for TEN years with nary a bud or bloom. This fertilizer is worth every penny and goes a long way. It’s the BEST.

Great Fertilizer

Love love love this product. At the beginning of this year’s season, I fed all my roses, new and old. The flush of strong healthy leaves was beautiful. It’s a great boost as the year goes. Have been using it for seven years.

Sergio Salazar
Great Fertilizer

I’ve been using this fish fertilizer on all my Heirloom roses (and non Heirloom roses) and all of them are thriving beautifully. Some of my roses are starting to have lots of buds thanks to this fertilizer. I really recommend it. Its a little stinky but it will go away in a couple of hours, so its fine.

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