Heat-Tolerant Collection
Heat-Tolerant Collection
Heat-Tolerant Collection
Heat-Tolerant Collection

Heat-Tolerant Collection

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Introducing the Heat-Tolerant Collection, a stunning duo of roses that flourishes in hotter climates, showcasing their remarkable sturdiness and captivating beauty. 

This collection includes tags for both roses in the color of your choice.

First, we have Portlandia, named after the majestic copper statue in Portland, Oregon. This continuously blooming Shrub rose exudes an old-fashioned charm, adorned with 3.5-4" blooms that transition from a rich, golden apricot center to shades of pink and cream. The fruity fragrance fills the air as clusters of these magnificent flowers grace the long stems, perfect for floral arrangements. 

Next in this extraordinary collection is Hot Cocoa, a true staff favorite at Heirloom Roses. Prepare to be mesmerized by its unique smoky, chocolate-orange coloring, which remains vibrant against the backdrop of glossy, dark-green foliage. Hot Cocoa's exceptional growth habit, alluring color, and delightful spicy fruit fragrance make it a beloved choice for floral bouquets.

Together, Portlandia and Hot Cocoa form a harmonious duo that defies the harshest of heatwaves while showcasing their individual splendor. These roses not only thrive in high temperatures but also share a remarkable ability to enchant with their captivating blooms and enduring beauty. Remember to provide adequate watering to keep this extraordinary collection at its best, ensuring a symphony of heat-tolerant magnificence in your garden.

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Characteristic Cutting, Fragrance
Hardiness Zone 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°), 10 (30° to 40°)
Rebloom Continual Blooming

Heat-Tolerant Collection

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