Quatre Saisons
Quatre Saisons
Quatre Saisons

Quatre Saisons

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Quatre Saisons is the rose of four seasons. We chose to use the name that is used in England. There is confusion as to whether this and r. damascena semperflorens are the same but our two varieties are definitely different. Quatre Saisons is the oldest repeat-flowering European rose, and its gracefully beautiful, double, ruffled, 3” blooms have 18+ petals of rich, clear pink. Quatre Saisons is blessed with a wonderful, deep wine fragrance. She is a spreading bush with grey-green foliage and thrives in zones 4-9.

More Information

Rose Type Damasks
Bloom Types Double
Characteristic(s) Fragrance, Pots, Partial Shade
Color Pink
Specific Color Medium pink
Fragrance Very Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 4 (-30° to -20°), 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°)
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Approximate Size 4' x 3'

Quatre Saisons

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