5 Gorgeous Roses with Perfect Cupped Blooms

Roses are a timeless symbol of beauty and elegance in the world of gardening. Among the many varieties available, the cupped bloom type stands out for its striking shape, capturing the hearts of gardeners everywhere. These old-fashioned blooms are tightly packed with shorter petals in the center, giving them a unique, round shape. We've curated a list of 5 of our favorite roses with cupped blooms that we believe are "must-haves" for the garden!

1. Eden Climber®

The Eden Climber® is a stunning variety with cupped blooms that exude a delicate fragrance. Its soft pink petals open to reveal a perfect rosette shape, making it a favorite among rose enthusiasts. She will be hardier than most Climbers and trains well on fences, gazebos, and trellises. Truly a star of the garden!

2. Golden Celebration® Rose

The Golden Celebration® Rose is a showstopper with cupped blooms; this variety adds a touch of warmth and luxury to any garden setting. Her color is unusually deep and rich golden-yellow with an exceptional fragrance of sweet wine and strawberries. Just delicious! Her blooms are set against dark, glossy green foliage on this repeat bloomer. We love her as a hedge, in a bed, or in pots. She can tolerate partial shade as well.

Golden Celebration

3. Dee-Lish® Rose

The Dee-Lish® rose lives up to its name with its delightful cupped blooms that boast a vibrant pink hue. Dee-Lish® is an award-winning rose with a magnificent scent! A tall Hybrid Tea, she produces 4" deep fuchsia pink blooms in an old-fashioned shape that resist fading in the sun. Dee-Lish® has won multiple prestigious awards for her beautiful aesthetics, vigorous growth habit, and disease resistance. A strong rose and citrus perfume float from her large blossoms growing against the semi-glossy, grey-green foliage.

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4. Veranda® Lavender Rose

Veranda® Lavender makes for a perfectly potted rose as it blooms in flushes throughout the season. The lush and healthy foliage makes a perfect backdrop for the cupped-to-flat shaped blooms. Bred in northern Germany, this compact Shrub is vigorous even throughout the cold winter. Despite its intended use as a patio container rose, it has proven to perform in the garden as well.

Veranda® Lavender

5. Celestial Night™ Rose

An offspring of Ebb Tide x Grande Dame, Celestial Night™ is a mystical shade of deep, plum purple and produces lush, cupped, old-fashioned blooms, with 41+ petals, perfect for the garden and vase. Her incredible full flowering coupled with great disease resistance gives you a rose that is sky high above its competition. Celestial Night™ is a garden star!

Celestial Night™

These five stunning roses with cupped blooms are just a few of our favorites to recommend. Their unique form and vibrant colors make them a must-have for any rose lover targeting roses with cupped blooms. Remember, we have a much larger selection! If these 5 didn't catch your eye, click here to see our full collection.