What Are Thrips & How To Treat Them

Thrip Damage

When it’s blooming season the last thing you want to see in your garden is damage on your blooms and distorted buds that don't open. The likely cause of this misfortune are tiny insects called Thrips. Thrips are less than 1/25” in size, brown to black in color, and have a needle like shape. They love to feed on the sap of rose petals and will hide themselves deep within the rose buds and blooms.

With a quick life cycle, thrips can multiply at an alarming rate and can quickly manifest into a pesky situation. Open blooms will appear ugly and damaged with scars and dark marks. Outer petals of new buds will appear discolored and dry. This dry, shriveled layer prevents the inner petals from ever opening.

The best way to deal with thrips is to remove all affected blooms. Dispose of them in a closed bag and directly place it into the trash as to not spread the infestation. Next, treat your rose bushes with an organic insecticide such as Dr. Earth Yard & Garden Insect Killer or your favorite insecticide.