Saturday Series 8/5/17, - Love Grows, Love Blooms

The Braccialini family lives in the little town of Newberg, Oregon on a peaceful 2 acre lot. CJ Braccialini has two boys; Braxton, nine years old and Hudson, who is six. A hair stylist by trade, CJ has long loved growing fresh vegetables, blueberries, and raising chickens to produce eggs for her family. She has just recently started growing roses to add color and charm to their little homestead.

She planted 7 roses from Heirloom Roses in late spring this year. As soon as her first roses began to bloom, Braxton and Hudson also began to take an interest in them. Braxton would carefully and diligently cut the blooms and place them in mason jars, while Hudson took over the daily watering chores.
Braxton quickly saw how much people loved their roses and asked his mom to help him create a “Fresh Picked” garden stand where he could sell his mason jars full of roses along with eggs and blueberries to his mom’s salon clients, family friends, and neighbors while school was out for the summer. Through his variation of the classic “lemonade stand”, Braxton has earned over $300! Braxton says, “I love getting up in the morning to check on the roses. I never knew there were so many colors. I thought there were only about three!”

CJ says, “Earth Angel, Koko Loko, and Perdita are some of my favorites. The roses have really brought us together and helped the boys do something they really love. I can’t wait to add more to our garden!” CJ’s love of roses and Braxton and Hudson’s entrepreneurship have inspired us to continue to bring the joy of roses to our customers and have reminded us what gardening should truly be about, bringing people together.

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Credit: Fresh Picked Sign by Weathered Ways, Newberg, Oregon.