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Lagerfeld is a “must grow” with his silvery-lavender, 4” blooms, and long stems perfect for cutting. He has a deliciously wonderful fragrance and will dominate a bouquet with this intense scent. Lagerfeld’s lush, dark green foliage makes a nice contrast to the delicately colored blossoms on this continual bloomer. Expect several feet of growth in just the first year in your garden with this vigorous plant!

More Information

Rose Type Grandiflora
Alternate Name(s) Starlight
Bloom Types Double
Characteristic(s) Cutting, Fragrance, Pots
Color Purple
Specific Color Light violet mauve
Fragrance Very Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°), 10 (30° to 40°)
Rebloom Continual Blooming
Year 1986
Approximate Size 4' - 5' x 4'


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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Amber Matas
Doing great!

Have two growing in a very large container in full sun and they are performing very well.

Terry Uhlman
Fantastic !

I planted this soon after I received it. It is a corner all by itself. It has already grown in height and as of today has two buds on it ! This is my second , I have one in my front flower bed. The color is gorgeous and the fragrance divine !! Soon my backyard will be smelling like an enchanted garden !

Doing Good

The rose is growing quickly and is already in bud. I'm hoping for a bloom by the end of September, or at least before the first frost in the mountains of Virginia. I'm sure it will explode next spring.

Disappointed For Now But Still Have Hope

I’ve recently gotten back into roses after a 25 year hiatus and started with four roses, all from Heirloom. Earth Angel is hands-down my favorite, with Koko Loko running a distant second because she’s beautiful, but I’m constantly battling her black spots. Sunbelt South Africa is doing pretty well, and I think she’ll do fine.
Anyhoo, onto Lagerfeld. I was so excited to get this gorgeous guy, and I anticipated that with the silvery lavender that reminded me of the sterling silver hybrid tea roses I had grown many years ago, Lagerfeld may be a bit more finicky than the others. I used the same organic soil and compost mix that I used with the others and planted him in a large pot. I kept him on the partially shaded side of the patio for the first week, etc.
Poor Lagerfeld looks so sad and miserable, and has had everything going on, from mildew, to black spot, to abject despair, and he struggled so hard to put forth one bloom that lasted about 3 days total. I feel as if I failed him somehow, but I have honestly done everything I know to do without overdoing anything and I don’t use chemicals. He has a few leaves and isn’t actively dying, but he’s just very sickly and I’m at a loss.
I recognize that the summers here in Zone 8b (Myrtle Beach) can be brutal for any plants really, but so far, I think Lagerfeld deserves a better home . Maybe he’ll improve in the spring when I get them all planted in the ground. I’ll update next summer, and I’m not giving up on this guy.

Taking hold in Florida 9b

So far this rose is doing great. It’s in the high 90’s and soupy humidity in the dead of summer. Not the best time to plant but this rose is holding its own. If it gets past the first few weeks, I have no doubt it will do great!