Mme Alfred Carrière
Mme Alfred Carrière
Mme Alfred Carrière
Mme Alfred Carrière

Mme Alfred Carrière

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  • Partial Shade
  • Thornless/Nearly Thornless
We are intoxicated by the fruity scent of Mme Alfred Carriére, one of the most fragrant of all roses. She produces clusters of large, globular, cupped, 3 ½” flowers with 40+ petals of soft pearl-pink, aging to cream. Mme Alfred Carriére is one of the hardiest Noisettes and can handle drought, a variety of soil types, and even shade. She is a vigorous plant with attractive foliage and minimal thorns, but she doesn’t like her leaves to stay wet so be sure to water at the base! This repeat blooming Climber will joyfully cover a fence, obelisk, or garden wall in no time.

More Information

Rose Type Noisettes
Bloom Type Cupped, Double
Characteristic Partial Shade, Thornless/Nearly Thornless
Color Pink
Specific Color Pale pearl-pink aging to cream.
Fragrance Moderately Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°), 10 (30° to 40°)
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Year 1879
Approximate Size 10' x 8' - 9'

Mme Alfred Carrière

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Just what I was looking for

We have planted our roses and cannot wait to see them grow. This has been a great experience. I got the roses I was looking for. The plants arrived healthy and already have new growth. We are very happy and will definitely use Heirloom Roses again.

Fast growing and LOVELY fragrance

I followed the instructions to a T. Dug a $100 dollar hole :). Planted her last year and didn’t see much as expected. This spring she is happy and growing really fast. Two flowers on her - they smell heavenly!!!! Absolutely magical. A true rose scent with a little magic in it, too. I am so happy with it. She does have a little powder mildew (zone 8, Portland, OR).

Nothing the first year, then - wow!

I planted several of these, two on either side of an arbor and one at the base of a tree. The first year they barely even grew and there were no blooms. Then, this past spring they took off like crazy. From less than two feet tall to now covering the arbor in it's entirely and full of blooms. I've had to shape the arbor roses a couple of times due to their insane growth. The one at the base of the tree is being trained up the tree and doing just as well. Intoxicating fragrance and perfect for near the front entrance where we can smell them everyday.

karah s.
Did great in Zone 6 for six years

I love this rose and probably will grow it again for its hypnotic fragrance. I'm in central KY, so limestone soil is not ideal for roses.

My experience is weird: It threw up long straight canes to about 6-7 feet, loads of those amazing blooms in spring and then decent repeat, and then the sixth year it fell over and actually died. I think I must have planted it in too-shallow soil? In an old neighborhood in Lexington. However, I've grown a lot of roses, and I will probably grow this one again.

Andrea C.
this lady doesn't waste time

Of my roses from Heirloom, the Mme Alfred Carriere is in competition with the Darlow's Enigma for who is going to grow the fastest. She may be taking the lead. I have her in a part-shade location, the intent was to train her up and along a porch to hide the ugly footings, and she is going gangbusters. I haven't seen many blooms in her first year, but rumor has it that good things come to those who wait.

Incidentally, not a bit of black spot on her, and I'm not particularly careful with her. My Courageous rose is really struggling, but this girl takes all the challenges of our humid, zone 7, Maryland weather in stride.

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