Morden Blush

Morden Blush

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Probably the most floriferous and long blooming of the Canadian Parkland Series, this rose makes a wonderful addition to your garden. Very beautiful pointed buds of ivory and blush, much admired for floral and bridal bouquets. The blooms open to lightly fragrant, high centered blooms (petals 52) that are blush pink in the centers before fully fading to ivory as they mature. Glossy green foliage contributes to this repeat blooming bush.

More Information

Rose Type Hardy
Bloom Types Very Full
Characteristic(s) Pots
Color Blend/Multi-Color
Specific Color Peachy pink
Fragrance Lightly Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 3 (-40° to -30°), 4 (-30° to -20°), 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°)
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Year 1988
Approximate Size 3' - 4' x 2'

Morden Blush

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Customer Reviews

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Ashley B.
Small But Mighty

Still in my first season with this rose, but I’m already so impressed with its resilience! We’ve had a hot gross summer in 6b this year and I’ve battled a plague of Japanese Beetles like no other. But, straight out of the box, Morden Blush popped out some gorgeous little buds and is now leafing out like a champ. Hopeful that she makes it through the winter, because I’m excited to see her grow into her true potential!

Andrea V.
Very Heathy Stock

These roses were purchased due to their likeness of Huntington Pink Ice. They are too young at this time for blooms but the plants had no trouble adjusting to travel and location change. I very much appreciate that they came in pots and not bare roots. They kept their integrity and the shipping was very quick. I do and would buy again. *throws money*

Kathy T.
Bought as a filler, now a favorite

I didn't expect to love this rose, just bought it on sale to fill an area with a neutral colored flower. Imagine my delight when it came into bloom with several soft ivory-pink blooms reminding me of cherub skin tones in old paintings. I will be adding several of these roses to my garden!

Matthew B.
The Best For The Coldest

Hands down the most beautiful and free blooming of all of the cold hardy roses I've grown. This should be an North East Staple. In my area it frequently drops to -20 during the high wind winter storms and this trooper comes back every year as if it was no big deal. This last year was brutal w terrible wind w no snow cover, yet I have around 200 buds and blossoms on it. I wish I could upload a photo on here. I hope this comes in stock again soon, I'd like three more, if you buy one u will know why I want more.

Milwaukee Rose

After seeing this traffic-stopping rose planted in a road median area in the Milwaukee, WI suburb of Fox Point (zone 5), I was so impressed at its obvious health and beauty that I called the village and requested the name of the plant. A gracious employee shared that the plants are Morden Blush. There was no doubt then that Morden Blush HAD to be in my garden and I planted her this spring. Since Heirloom Roses provided a well branched and exceptional plant, she immediately "took off" and even survived a quite improper pruning by our neighborhood hoard of rabbits. Protected by a circle of chicken wire, Morden Blush quickly put on new growth and still provided several lovely blossoms of which I am totally enamored. I'll be sure to protect her this first winter (both from the cold and the wildlife) and excitedly anticipate her performance during the 2019 growing season. Here, in Milwaukee, Morden Blush is an enchanting cream with a suggestion of pale pink in her petals and more pink toward the center of the blossom. Plant her in your garden and enjoy!

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