Madame Anisette™
Madame Anisette™
Madame Anisette™
Madame Anisette™
Madame Anisette™
Madame Anisette™

Parfuma® Madame Anisette™

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NEW TO ROSES? PICK ME! This beauty is a vigorous, upright grower achieving several feet in height in just one year in the garden. Madame Anisette offers the gardener cream-colored, large blooms against bright green leaves with an extraordinary scent. As her name suggests, she smells like the most delightful licorice with hints of aromatic-woody myrrh and spice, finishing with notes of honey. Smell her blooms often as the scent will change as she gently unfurls her creamy white petals. You have to smell it to believe it! She is very easy to grow and a repeat bloomer. This rose is perfect for the back of a perennial bed and makes excellent cut flowers. Choose Madame Anisette for the ease of growing prolific blooms on long stems with an intoxicating fragrance.

More Information

Rose Type Grandiflora
Alternate Name(s) Madame de la Vallière, Glorious Parfuma
Bloom Type Very Full
Breeder Code KORberonem
Characteristic Cutting, Fragrance
Color White
Specific Color Cream
Fragrance Exceptionally Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°)
Rebloom Continual Blooming
Year 2004
Approximate Size 4' x 2'

Parfuma® Madame Anisette™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
This rose takes patience but worth it

Planted this rose 3 years ago. First year lush foliage but no blooms, second year a few blooms, this year it has made up for the last 2! Beautiful, full blooms just like the photo. Very pleased with it. My only complaint is that it seems susceptible to Botrytis blight on the buds, but it has been extremely wet this spring. Certain that a little Neem oil would cure that but my geese forage on the blooms so can't use it. Takes time but worth the wait!

Carly Crossley
My favorite of 2023

I planted nearly 50 different varieties in 2023 and this rose was my favorite all season. The amount of blooms this produced was unmatched. They were large, well formed, and smelled lovely. Her stems could make a bouquet on their own. I would plant 100 of these

Fast, Fragrant and Healthy!

A very easy rose to grow, it does get quite tall quite fast with bright apple green semi glossy foliage. The blooms are medium to large in size being a cream color with a pinker center, the fragrance is to die for very rich and complex even difficult to describe even. I’d say it smells like Vanilla / rose with a hint of myrrh - simply wonderful. I will also mention although this rose is quite resistant to most diseases it can get some rust here on the west coast if the weather conditions get rough, but all in all a true winner! Being a grandiflora it gives lots of blooms per stem and blooms in flushes through out the growing season, quick to repeat if fed and pruned properly. Worth it!

Arrived healthy!

No rose as of yet waiting but the rose is doing great no disease and growing fast. Can't wait to see a rose.

Very attractive

I got it 2 years ago , it became a climbing rose, she makes a lot of beautiful flowers, smells amazing, I’m in love with her ! Very healthy foliage, but there is an problem with the hot humid weather, the flowers get black ( like fungus) and is it , I feel sad , because she is one of my favorite! I have around 50 roses in my garden , all from heirloom and David Austin !

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