Snow Pavement

Snow Pavement

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This Hybrid Rugosa is light and airy with its very strong, clove-scented flowers that bloom blush pink and fade to white. This rose is particularly effective as a small hedge and can also work well along the edge of paths or walkways. Snow Pavement has excellent vigor and disease resistance and produces rose hips later in the summer.

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Rose Type Rugosa
Bloom Types Semi-Double
Breeder Code Schneekoppe
Characteristic(s) Fragrance, Hips
Color White
Specific Color Blush pink fading to white
Fragrance Very Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 4 (-30° to -20°), 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°)
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Year 1984
Approximate Size 2'-3' x 2'-3'

Snow Pavement

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful fragrant and hardy rugosa

I’ve had two of these roses for a couple of years and right now they are putting on quite a show. The blossoms are soft and lovely (very) pale lavender/ pink fading to white. They are not really white like Blanc Double de Coubert but have a soft pastel feel to them. The fragrance is wonderful too and bees love them!

Nice, tough little shrubs!

I've grown Snow Pavement before, but couldn't find it anywhere when we moved,so I ordered it from Heirloom. The first two came last fall. They arrived tiny, but strong. We've been in a drought for several years, and the bunnies chomped them back to the ground. I highly doubted they'd come back in spring, but they did! The third rose came in late spring, All are doing well. I doubt I'll see blooms for a year or two, but I'm very pleased with the condition, packaging and shipping of the plants.

I take it all back!

Last year i lamented the poor state of my 2 bushes. What a difference a year makes! Both are gorgeous, healthy as all heck & deliciously fragrant, I look like the master gardener of the Neighborhood!!

Carrie Etzel
Vigorously healthy, glorious fragrance

I've had this rose for a few years, planted in an mostly shady area that gets intense late afternoon sun. She's a steady grower, with no black spot despite a bs prone rose in the neighbor's yard. Her fragrance is amazing--I would wallow in it if I could. Bees love it too. Zone 6a

Kyle K.
The Bees LOVE This Rose!

Typical rugosa leathery leaves, bristly stems, and tissue paper petals. Planted this spring and already a sprawly, open 2' x 2'. Protected on the east by a privacy fence and facing west on an open hilltop in Zone 5, mid-Michigan.

Quite fragrant, with pale lavender pink flowers fading to white, with a golden center of stamens that the bees swim in -- I often find them sleeping overnight in the flowers. Does not drop petals, so can look messy -- but my garden is rather wild, so it's fine. :^)

Otherwise, easy care as most rugosas are. Long bloom season thru end of July; I dead headed to keep the bloom going, leaving the last few clusters to set hips.

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