Sierra Lady
Sierra Lady

Sunbelt® Sierra Lady™

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Sierra Lady’s dark orange buds open into stunning shades of bright orange to apricot. These vibrant, clusters of 2 ½” blooms are surrounded by shiny, glossy, green foliage. She is easy to grow with healthy, disease-resistant foliage. Expect Sierra Lady to grow to about 3-4’ tall in zones 5-9.

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Rose Type Floribunda
Alternate Name(s) Jabulani
Bloom Types Clustered, Double
Breeder Code KORlubaja
Color Orange
Specific Color Apricot Orange
Fragrance Lightly Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°)
Rebloom Repeat Blooming
Approximate Size 4' x 3'

Sunbelt® Sierra Lady™

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beautiful and lots of blooms

This the end of her first season in the ground and she did not disappoint t !!! She looked a little yellow and sickly because I wasn’t able to get her in the ground right away but she perked up right away and immediately starting blooming and has continued to do so all season !! Her first few flushes of blooms were light pink getting darker as time went by, now in September her blooms are the vibrant orange showed in the picture. Regardless pink or orange she is lively and I’m so happy with her !!

Shirley Girard

Within a week of receiving my rose bush, I had a beautiful rose and so many more leaves. It was not the color I expected, but was a pretty shade of salmon. I am very pleased with my purchase.

K. D. 1__
Nice rose,good bloomer.

After a long anxious wait for this rose and 2 others that I ordered, I was a bit disappointed in the size. I realize that it was trimmed before shipping to make it more compact and less stress as would be on a full plant. Even with that it was still noticeably smaller than a rose in bloom that I bought a week earlier at my local nursery for a few dollars less. To my delight within a few weeks this rose filled out and is on its second blooming of 7 blooms since just over a month of receiving it. I am a bit disappointed, that although the light peach color is pretty it is not the dark orange that was pictured on the web site. I am hoping that the Nelson Mandela rose that arrived in the same order and has it's first bud will open in the dark orange color that was pictured for that rose bush.

Rosa Lee
Not orange, but such a unique beautiful color anyway

I should probably not have given a,five-star rating since it's not the color I wanted, but I got a close match to it with Disco Dancer and the color of this rose is so unusual and beautiful, I'm pretty much in love with it. It does start out with vermillion colored buds, but they open into dark rose-colored blooms that eventually fade into a delicate antique dusty rose color that last for days. I wish I could post photos. The colors are beautiful and unique. I've read other comments on it and maybe it's the soil? I have a lot of clay in my area. But, if I'd seen photos of roses this color, I would have scrambled to buy them. I'm pleased with this rose and hope the color is here to stay. I know roses change color sometimes as they get established and I'd hate to lose this beautiful showing.

Shelley A.
The lady

Well it’s got a little black spot on it but other than that it’s looking pretty good so far. And I agree with the other Review that it is not that orange color shown in the picture. But it’s a very pretty color .

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