The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild™
The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild™
The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild™
The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild™

The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild™

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We are no longer growing this rose. We maintain this listing for our customer's reference purposes.

You can find a similar rose in our David Austin Roses collection.

Large, peony like roses of deep pink touched lilac with a paler lilac on the outside of the fringe-like petals. Growth is spreading and arching into a well-rounded, mounding continual blooming bush. A strong fruit-fragrance with tones of raspberry, peach and a hint of mint. 3 1/2" bloom with 41 petals.

More Information

Rose Type David Austin
Bloom Types Double
Breeder Code AUStijus
Characteristic(s) Fragrance, Pots
Color Pink
Specific Color Pink
Fragrance Very Fragrant
Hardiness Zone 5 (-20° to -10°), 6 (-10° to 0°), 7 (0° to 10°), 8 (10° to 20°), 9 (20° to 30°), 10 (30° to 40°)
Rebloom Continual Blooming
Year 2003
Approximate Size 5' x 3' - 4'

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Isabel L.
Floppy peony doppleganger

I bought two of this variety because they could pass for peonies, and in that respect, they don't disappoint. The blooms start off as a magenta pink and gradually fade to a gorgeous lavender tinted pink. So beautiful! It has a strong raspberry scent and fewer thorns than my Abraham Darby or Julia Child roses. However, the stems feel thinner and bend under the weight of the blooms. I also notice that the blooms are more delicate than some of my other roses because they're always getting knocked off in the rain. Hopefully as the plant matures the stems will get thicker and stronger. Overall, I'm happy I added this unique rose to my garden.

W. Mohan
Love this beautiful rose

I got this rose in July 2015, it came very healthy with a couple bloom in a gallon pot. I plant in ground at my backyard in October and it growth so fast. It continual blooming all summer with a few roses. The next year it gave me more roses and bigger bloom. Its the most easy and less care, I just water, fertilize sometimes and trim the old roses . I like to throw banana peel and coffee ground around and it seem help it growth healthier. This year March 2018, It about 4 feet hight and I saw a lot of buds maybe 50+ that will bloom soon. Wish I can share the picture here. Its bloom pretty shape as same as Peony and smell sweet and pleasant. I got a lot compliment from friends and they thought it Peony when I cut and put in small vase. Cant say enough about this rose.

Magnificent rose....

Awesome rose! The smell is wonderful and it's blooming all the time...Healthy and beautiful!! I couldn't ask for more ❤️. Zone 10

delicate form and delicious smelling blooms

This rose was in a partial sun location its first year and did not bloom at all- thats my fault. She lived though the Gulf Coast FL winter and come spring, I pruned so two 12" stems remained, moved this rose to a full sun (8 or more hours of sun!) location and it took off! This is the 2nd year and after the move, each stem, lengthened, and has put out laterals with buds on the end. When the flowers bloom, they nod down from the weight of them. The smell is amazing! fruity rose. I hope this rose gets bushier and stronger canes. I will probably feed more calcium, epsom salt, banana peels and bone meal to strengthen those stems. Also, this rose seems to need less water than my others since she is not as close to a sprinkler head and it is doing great on the SE side of my yard. Very thorny. No disease at all in this huge BS region! This rose seems like it wants to climb, or be staked because the thin stems. I will keep this rose in my garden because I can't grow peonies this far south and I love the delicate peony-like form of the blooms.

Pretty but...

I grow this one in a Zone 5A, and it does well. However, it would greatly benefit from staking as this one does get pretty floppy, like peonies.

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