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Dublin Bay®
Karen W
My favorite climber. Talk about Street appeal and privacy.

Everybody talks about my 4 Dublin Bay climbers on the iron fence creating a garden courtyard in front of my home. Creates a private feeling from the street by the massive blasts of color. Crazy abundant bloomers. Nothing compares to them. The season is only beginning, and I already have hundreds of blooms and buds.

So beautiful and healthy

I purchased this rose bush last summer and took a chance planting it in an area where two other roses have not survived. Not only is this rose doing well but it is growing robustly and is very healthy. The color of the roses on this bush are such a beautiful color. I have planted it near my Aunt Lydia's old rose bush from her mother that was brought over from Europe and they will be beautiful together. Will only order roses from Heirloom Roses going forward as all their roses do 100% better than any roses I have ordered from other companies. Slightly more expensive but I am confident they will do very well. Thanks Heirloom!

So healthy and growing like crazy

I purchased this rose last summer and this spring the rose bush has leafed out and is doing incredibly well. I have never ordered from a rose company and had such healthy and beautiful roses right off the bat. This rose is now about 3-4 feet tall and another one I purchased from another company is about 6 inches tall and they are next to each other. No comparison and will only order roses from this company. The other rose bushes I ordered from them are also very healthy.

Lisa Obeid

This climber is so beautiful. The blooms are so full pale pink and the fragrance is so strong. I am so happy that I chose this rose. I bought it in the late fall and just set it out in the landscape about 8 weeks ago. On the first blooms I got 2 now the climber has 15 buds on it and it has grown really quickly in height. I am very pleased with this rose climber.

Super Dorothy®
Lisa Obeid
Loving Super Dorthey

Super Dorthey is a beautiful climbing rose. With small pink cluster blooms. This climber has surprised me with its vigorous growth and perfuse blooms. I have had this climber for less than a year and just set it out in the landscape 8 weeks ago and it is already quarter up the trellis. It is spectacular to see.

A bouquet in one stem

I’m obsessed with this rose and surprised that not many speak about it like the DA roses.
It has a dark pink outer petal and soft pink inner petals. Rose is long blooming and has a pleasant sent. I have it next to queen of Sweden and it’s a spectacular show.

Lynn Anderson
Leslee Feaster
Highly recommend

This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite out of over 60 different roses at my home. Large flushes of striking blooms that last more than a week (sometimes 2 weeks) before shattering. Very healthy foliage, and has shown excellent black spot resistance.

Beautiful flowers!

I’m growing ‘Memorial Day’ in the center of a large-ish circle of ‘Iceberg’ roses, with bright orange California poppies in there too. Joyful to look at!
Zone 9
Roses from Heirloom Roses are vigorous, and they thrive in my garden.

Gorgeous color

I am a dyed-in-the-wool fragrant rose fan. I also only have red roses because everyone else loves them. This deep, dark subversive beauty is a wonder. For me, all Heirloom roses stay tiny the first season. This spring this baby is good for liftoff and working its color magic! Can hardly wait to see how its reputation for heat tolerance will work out.

So far seems Strong

This Joseph's coat looks like it will be hardy

. Healthy foliage .

Just in the ground a few weeks and everything looks great so far.

Prolific little rose

I wanted something to go inside of the MCM stone planter at the front of our new home. It had to be something that remained fairly compact so my favorite ZD roses wouldn't work. I decided to give these little guys a try & purchased 3 to line the planter.

They have only been there a month--- and are about 1'x1' in size but already have a profusion of simple but stunning blooms! They should eventually grow together to fill the planter but will remain compact. If they are so productive now as mere babies, I'm excited to see what they look like full grown. So far, I'm very pleased.

Healthy Prolific Continuous Bloomer in Pacific NW

It's so sad they're not propagating this rose. It is a continuous show stopper, constantly blooming, healthy since day one. I've many times wanted to gift this one to friends with daughters. It is awesome!

Thrived from the start!

Wedding Garland arrived two years ago with a bud and has steadily climbed and produced small, 2-3" blooms since then. Some are deliciously fragrant while most are lightly scented. She just had a beautiful flush of flowers a couple of days ago, so I was reminded to write a review. I love this rose for its peach buds and creamy white flowers. It's a winner!

Gorgeous, prolific bloomer

I received this rose as a gift on Mothers Day 2023. It bloomed heavily that first summer and now one year later is already covered in buds! It’s gorgeous and quite a show stopper! Highly recommend!

So far so good

Got my Lichfield angel planted a couple weeks ago. It’s leafed out and already has like 5 or 6 buds. Looking forward to seeing the blooms

Pleasantly surprised by its performance

Another variety I bought to balance out my color range in the rose garden I was establishing. Planted 3 years ago in zone 8. The color saturation in the blooms is intense and rich, a real eye-catcher. The plant has lush foliage, blooms are tall, upright, great for cutting, and it does well with insect & disease pressure. Has performed better than expected.

Expensive and worth it

Planted this one 3 years ago, zone 8. There aren't enough words for this one, outperforms on every level! Lush foliage, repeated full, fragrant blooms, easy care and does well even under insect & disease pressure. Its a showstopper that visitors to my rose garden always ooh and aah over. Spend the money, you won't be disappointed


Planted 3 years ago, zone 8, along with numerous other varieties at the same time. Didn't expect much, bought it to balance out the color range in the rose garden I was establishing but it has been outstanding. Lush green foliage, the blooms are tall, upright and full. Lastly the depth and luminosity of the bloom color is intense and surprising, didn't expect the richness of it. Not affected by insect & disease pressure and also, a wet spring like this year. Very very pleased with this rose!

Not quite the performer......

Planted this rose 3 years ago, zone 8. Had high hopes for this one, it got planted at the same time with 10 other different rose varieties. All were treated the same, and receive the same amount of sun & care. But this one just struggles in comparison to the others (Earth Angel, Fragrant Plum, Hot Cocoa, etc), foliage is mediocre and small in size, not many blooms, and it seems susceptible to many issues, blackspot, etc. It's just been a bit disappointing...

This rose takes patience but worth it

Planted this rose 3 years ago. First year lush foliage but no blooms, second year a few blooms, this year it has made up for the last 2! Beautiful, full blooms just like the photo. Very pleased with it. My only complaint is that it seems susceptible to Botrytis blight on the buds, but it has been extremely wet this spring. Certain that a little Neem oil would cure that but my geese forage on the blooms so can't use it. Takes time but worth the wait!

Dick Clark
Danielle DesLauriers
spectacular color!

The color was so vibrant on these flowers. They bloomed not long after the initial planting. They took their first winter and are pushing fantastic health growth.

Ebb Tide™
Danielle DesLauriers
Couldn't Be Happier!

The color was so rich on these flowers. They bloomed not long after the initial planting. They took their first winter and are pushing fantastic health growth.

Terrific solution for tying up climbers

I love these garden ties. They work perfectly for climbers, they are easy to move and reuse, and they don't damage the canes. Maybe a little expensive but the best solution I've found.

My Favorite Rose

I planted this in late summer of 2021 and I am zone 5. The blooms are the most amazingly beautiful colors. As you can see from the heirloom roses photos above the bud starts out as a stronger coral color but when it opens it turns to a paler pink mixed with an apricot/camel/tan color in the center. So lovely and unusual. I highly recommend it. Attached is a late fall arrangement. These were the last roses of the season. There are other heirloom roses mixed in with distant drums but they are the ones in front